Occasionally we move with our close friends so intimately that the closeness lasts for a long time. There are long term friends that have a bearing on our personalities, and two close friends, who are thick while thieves, do ‘ influence each other, as well as the two increase together.

The partnership with a friend has not been properly realized simply by us. A lot of do not trust in nurturing companionship as they are by nature aloof and reserved. This kind of nature is usually not appealing, for, what this means is the lack of sociability. Sometimes parents or instructors may not be in a position to enforce a place on their kid and a pal may come in help them. I can relate an incident in the life of my relative. In fact having been my aunty. His son was adamant that he would not join the engineering course, but his father insisted that he should become a member of the program as he would have bright professional prospects. Any amount of persuasion by his father did not work. Eventually his son's friend intervened and spoke to his friend from the importance of his father's beneficial advice.

His father was very happy which a known difficulty was resolved satisfactorily. After the engineering course my cousin's son is pretty well away with a body fat pay. His life improved as his friend got interest in him. There is a expressing which tells about the value of good camaraderie. It is this kind of: ‘Tell me who is your friend and i also shall let you know what kind of person you are. ' Yes, a friend has very much to do with the shaping of the character because our father and mother and educators. A student needs to be careful to decide on his or her close friends. If the good friend with who you are going to create connection is of bad character slowly but surely you too are affected by him or her.

You may have been a well mannered, soft-spoken college student of mild manners. Your friend may be dominant, can be rough, roguish and given to evil techniques. Your friend will take advantage of your purity, your softness and may strategy you, make you a wrong course. He may become a drug has to be, he may be considered a smoker, he may drink and...


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