A Ratio Research Report upon Chevron Corporation

By Brandon Dickerson

Q1. When do the company commence operating and where happen to be its major locations? Chevron Corporation relies in San Ramon, Cal, but offers offices will not business in over a 95 countries. Their roots are traced back in an oil discovery by Pico Gosier, Ca in 1879 that led to the formation of Pacific Coast Olive oil Co. The business later started to be Standard Olive oil Co. of California and adopted the name Quarter in 1984 when it merged with Gulf of mexico Oil, the biggest merge in U. S i9000. history at the moment. Since then Quarter has acquired Texaco, Unocal, and Philips on the substance side of operations. Q2. What is how big is the company?

Chevron has sixty-five, 000 employees working worldwide. They are the " second-largest included energy business in the United States and among the most significant corporations on the globe, based on market capitalization as of December 23, 2007” (Company Fact Sheet). They are placed 5th in the world with a industry capitalization of 196. two billion. In 2007 Quarter did $214. 1 billion in product sales revenue making $18. 7 billion in net income or $8. 77 earnings per share diluted. Their cash dividends equaled $2. dua puluh enam per reveal making a total stockholder come back of 30. 5%. Q3. What are its major services or products?

Chevron's petroleum operations range from the exploration, advancement, and creation of crude oil and natural gas. Their refineries turn crude oil into completed petroleum items. In 3 years ago, Chevron made 2 . 62 million barrels a day and had a refinery capacity similar to 2 million barrels of oil per day. Chevron transports the raw oil/ gas by canal, ship, vehicle and train car. For the chemical area of operations they production and industry petro chemical industrial plastic materials, fuel, and lubricant oil additives. Q4. What is you can actually industry ranking?

According to the S& P five-hundred, Chevron is ranked second in the energy industry. They are also the #3 company in Fortune 500's top...


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