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Apple a well-known company, that everybody in the world is aware of today, and a lot people own at least one Apple product, nevertheless Apple would not start out as being a huge business. It started out with Charlie Jobs and Steve Wozniak working on pcs in the garage of Steve Jobs. Careers and Wozniak had been good friends since college or university and both men had been interesting in electronic discipline of analyze. Many people know Charlie Jobs firstly, we should understand Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was created in San Jose, Cal in 1950, and was the son of an engineer. After graduation high school, this individual studied for any short time University of Cal at Berkeley. While functioning at Hewlett Packard Wozniak worked in the scientific calculator department and in his leisure time started building boxes that allowed him to make long-distance phone calls at no cost. From there the boys worked coming from Steve jobs garage and created the 1st product, that has been the Apple I computer. Wozniak experienced taken the theory for the Apple We to HP and the thought was taken down, and so officially upon April 1, 1976 Apple computers was born. Wozniak was unwilling about offering the computer, yet Jobs was adament that they that and from there they sold 50 to a local dealer (Apple Laptop, Inc. History).        The name Apple Computers was Steve careers idea; it just came up with it, and appeared to have no meaning behind it. The Apple logo was a several story; Jobs hired a man named Atrodo McKenna who also owned an advertising and public relations company in Silicon Valley. He invented the Apple company logo that is about all of Apple products. He also began advertising Pears personal computers in consumer publications, which find the Apple brand into the computer system world. (Apple Computer, Inc. History) This allowed Apple to reach twelve-monthly sales of around $1 million by June 1977.  When the Apple II was introduced in 1977, these people were in retailers, and were the first microcomputer to work with color images and have a television screen as the screen of the computer (Apple Computer, Inc. History). With such success Apple travelled public in December of 1980, with over four. 6 , 000, 000 shares advertising out in minutes. Within 2 yrs of heading public Apple was being sold worldwide the first computer company to get to one billion dollars dollars in annual revenue. However , in 1981 Wozniak was injured in a airplane crash and suffered accidental injuries that required him for taking a leave of lack from Apple, he performed return following recovering although only in short ,, but remained a advisor for Apple.        Continuing with all the product line after going public, Apple introduced the initially Macintosh in 1984, which in turn sold over 70, 1000 in the initial 100 times of sale (Apple Computer, Inc. History). After the release from the Macintosh, a number of other Macintosh products were unveiled. Apple on the other hand was not doing well, even though the Macs line of products was selling well. Steve jobs left Apple in 85 and in 1988 Apple was split up into four functioning divisions. Apple USA, Apple Europe, Apple Pacific, and Apple Products; the splitting of the company caused a whole lot of number of years Apple employees to leave the company.        As the eighties came to a detailed there was a few lawsuits that Apple was involved in that caused the company to have a couple of setbacks. One of many lawsuits Apple was associated with was one particular with Xerox. Xerox was suing Apple for a hundred and fifty million dollars for criminally using Photocopied technology (Apple Computer, Incorporation. History).        Entering the nineties was a concern of managing for Apple and the things that were accomplished by the chief...

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