A Visit to Grandmother

simply by William Melvin Kelley

Chig knew anything was incorrect the instant his father kissed her. He previously always known his father to be the perfect of guys, a man so kind that whenever people ventured timidly into his office, it took just one or two words from him to make all of them relax, and laugh. Doctor Charles Dunford cared regarding people. When he had curved to hug the old woman's face, something new and almost unpleasant had come into his eye: fear, uncertainness, sadness, and maybe even hatred. Ten times before in New York, Chig's father acquired decided suddenly he wished to go to Nashville to attend his college class reunion, 20 years out. Both Chig's sibling and sibling, Peter and Connie, were packing pertaining to camp and besides they were too small for these kinds of and affair. But Chig was 17, had nothing to do that summer, and his dad asked if perhaps he would want to go along. His father experienced given him additional reasons: " All my running buddies got all their diplomas and were purchased by them crafty young gals, and had kids within a year- right now all those children, some of them women, are your actual age. ” The reunion had lasted weekly. As they packed for home, his father, within a far too out of hand way, experienced suggested they visit Chig's grandmother. " We might as well drop in on her and my brother's. ” So , instead of going north, they just had gone farther south, had just came into her property. And Chig had a mistrust now that the reunion got only recently been an excuse to drive south, that his daddy had been heading to this house all the time. His father acquired never spoken much regarding his friends and family, with the exception of his brother, GL, who seemed part que contiene man, part practical joker and portion Don Juan; he had spoken of GL while using kind of luxury he would show a adorable, but ill-behaved and possibly dangerous, five-year-old. Chig's daddy had left home if he was 15. When asked why, he would answer: " I wanted to visit school. They didn't include a Marrano high school in the home, so I proceeded to go up to Knoxville and existed with a relative and attended school. ” They had recently been met in the door by Aunt Rose, GL's partner, and ushered in to the living room. This lady got looked up coming from her chair by the home window. Aunt Went up stood involving the visitors. This lady eyed his father. " Went up, who that? Rose? ” She squinted. She seemed like a doll, made of black straw, the wrinkles in her confront running in one direction just like the head of the broom. Her hair was white and course and grew out straight from her head. Her eyes had been brown - the whites, as well, seemed light brown -- and had been hidden behind thick spectacles, which continued to be somehow over a tiny nose. " That Hiram? ” She flipped then to Chig. " Now that person, he look like Eleanor, Charles' wife, nevertheless Charles wouldn't never send out my grandson to see me. I under no circumstances hear from Charles. ” She stopped again. " It Charles, Mama. That who it is. ” Aunt Went up, between them, led them closer. " It Charles come all the way by New York to view you, and bring small Charles with him. ” The old woman stared up at them. " Charles? Rose, that really Charles? ” She converted away, and reached for any handkerchief in the pocket of her clean, ironed, flowered housecoat, and wiped her eyes. " God include mercy. Charles. ” The lady spread her arms up to him, and he curled down and kissed her cheek. That was once Chig observed his encounter, grimacing. She hugged him; Chig observed the muscles in her hands as they stiffened around his father's neck of the guitar. She 50 percent rose out of her chair. " How are you, kid? ” Chig could not notice his dad's answer.

The lady let him move, and dropped back into her chair, catching the hands. Her hands were as dark while the solid wood, and seemed to become element of it. " Now, whom that ranking there? Whom that gentleman?? " That is one of your grandsons, Mama. ” His father voice broke. " Charles Dunford, Jr. You noticed him when, when he was obviously a baby, in Chicago. He is grown right now. ” " I can notice that, boy! ” She viewed Chig straight. " Come here son and kiss me personally once. ” He did. " What they call you? Charles, too? ” " No, ma'am, they...


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