Through the 17th century two future rulers, Peter the Great of Russia and Louis XIV of Italy, were born who would drive absolutism to new height. Absolutism is a form of government wherever all the electrical power is in the hands of one person. Absolute monarchies are the most popular form of helotism.

Peter the Great and Louis XIV had identical traumatic experiences involving people who have traditional electrical power during their early years. Louis' was the Fronde, a rebellion by simply nobles. The Fronde commenced in 1650 when John was a fresh boy. Many times during the uprising his lifestyle was put in danger as his mother and himself were occasionally remedied as criminals. They also had to retreat from Paris.

Philip the Great's traumatic years as a child experience was the Streltsy violent uprising of 1682. The Streltsy, the traditional pads of the nobles in Russian federation, mobbed the Kremlin following rumors had been circulated that Peter's half brother, Ivan, had been slain. They lynched many noble including a pair of Peter's future uncles. The killings were quite brutal, which includes some staying thrown from balconies on to the Streltsy's bayonets. The young Peter witnessed this and it began his deep mistrust and hate of classic ways in Russia.

Another similarity of Peter and Louis was their very own handling of their nobles. They both took power from them in different ways. Louis built the magnificent palace of Versailles. The grand building project of Versailles used many artisans and prevalent builder for lifetime. Thus it absolutely was supported by the people of England. Many of the most dominant nobles had been forced to live there for about half a season in apartments. Their genuine power was essentially exchanged for sociable pomp and court life. They loaded their days and nights with various cultural acts just like watching the rising from the King in the morning and the hobbies of the careless fashions of the day. Another aim of Versailles was to show the large might of Louis XIV.

Peter the Great pushed very hard to get modernization of Russia. His...


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