Good morning/afternoon/evening. We are Frederick Caguimbal, Alexandra Florentino, Takehiro Morelos and Sarah Sosa, 3rd promoting students of the University of Santo Tomas.

We are performing a study to determine the marketability of a recommended new product which is the Gardenia Bread Supports. The product will probably be explained and deliberated more in the course of this kind of paper.

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to request a few minutes of your energy to assist us in doing this study. There are no RIGHT or WRONG answers. What is very important to us is good for you to give us your honest and goal opinions. Be assured that the responses will be treated with utmost assurance.

Q1. Do you have a part of the family or a near Yes one particular [TERMINATE] relative who functions for a loaf of bread company? Not any 2

Q2. Do you have a member of the family or a close Yes you [TERMINATE] relative who performs for a marketing agency? Not any 2

Q3. Do you have an associate of the friends and family or a close Yes one particular [TERMINATE] comparable who works for a market research agency? No 2

Q4. Are you familiar with Bread sticks? Yes 1


Here is the product idea:

" These kinds of bread supports are freshly-baked, crunchy, and innovative item that may be appreciated by consumers of all ages, and that will always take satisfaction to consumers. This system has bite-sized texture, and has done bread-like contact form. The research workers plan to make use of the existing toasted bread merchandise to come up with a snack that could answer the snacking challenges of consumers. This device is a very good substitute to junk foods increase in perfect for our snacking. The product's substances are clean loaves of bread, eggs, butter, and seasoning. The merchandise will be manufactured in a sealed plastic package and will consider six months prior to it runs out. It...


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