1 . Exactly what are the things to consider that my personal affect the pilots' decision if to continue the flight to London's Heathrow airport Airport? For almost any pilots in the aviation sector, safety from the passengers and its crewmembers is probably the biggest consideration involving any emergency. Fliers are trained to fly and make right decisions in case there is any emergency event. In the matter of British Respiratory tract 268, the pilots' concern is whether the engines undergo any big damage following the small explosion that would impact the other three or more engines or perhaps other musical instruments not obvious to undressed eyes. Although Boeing 747s are certified to soar with several engines below British regulation, not knowing the extend of the damage can result in disaster. Various other consideration as i have said in the case, how much reimbursement to the passengers and the loss incurred in dropping the full fill of gasoline maybe of some concern to all of them. However we expect it is most likely the least of their consideration. In fact, they are simply pilots, decisions regarding industry’s expense should not be the biggest matter in an urgent situation. 2 . From English Airways' viewpoint, what are the stakeholders involved with this decision-making? Why? Cottage crewmembers: Extension of the flight may boost the safety issues of the vacation cabin crewmembers and minimize overall employee morale in the instance of an accident. Individuals: The airline will need to be interested in the safety of the passengers. Additionally , if the people are late within a a few hr. time period, British Airways will pay up to and including total of $275, 500 in reimbursement fees. Airline Company: Seeing that British Airways has a good reputation to get safety they might lose that image in case of continuing the flight instead of landing with the nearest international airport. Moreover, traveling through a few, 000 miles through a low attitude upon only three engines could potentially cause safety worries for you’re able to send brand image. Insurance Company: In the case of an accident, insurance...


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