AMERIGO VESPUCCI (or VESPUCIO) (ves-puteh'-ee), Italian language navigator, created in Florence, Italy, on the lookout for March, 1451; died in Seville, Italy, 22 February., 1512. Having been of a prosperous family of merchants, and received his education from his uncle, Giorgi Antonio Vespucci, a Dominican friar, a friend and colleague of Savonarola. He involved in business, 1st in Florence and later in Seville, where he achieved Columbus, probably as early as 1493, and exactly where in 1497 he prepared the fleet with which that navigator traveled the world on his third voyage. He previously previously, in 1496, got charge of fitting out a fleet for the Spanish authorities. Amerigo traveled the world from The country in 1499 in an journey that visited the neighborhood of Cape Desarraigado and several hundred miles of coast, and returned in June, truck. In May, 1501, he joined the service of Emanuel, of Spain, and participated within an expedition that visited the coast of. Brazil. hi there May, 1503, he commanded a caravel in a squadron that traveled the world for the discovery of Malacca, although parted organization from the snooze, and finally produced his method to the coast of Brazil, where he learned the gulf of All New orleans saints, remained there two months, then simply ran 260 leagues even farther south, in which he built a fort, someplace near Cape Frio, and, leaving a colony there, returned to Lisbon in June, 1504. Early in 1505 this individual obtained from California king Ferdinand of Spain albhabets of naturalization, and on 22 March, 1508, was designated pilot-major with the kingdom, an office that he held right up until his fatality, taking charge with the preparation of the general explanation of coasts and accounts of new discoveries, and also superintending the construction of charts plus the examination of pilots. The controversy as to whether Vespucci took precedence both of the (Jabots associated with Columbus inside the discovery of the mainland of America continues to be for centuries a matter of question. None from the original words of Amerigo bearing on the subject are extant, except in translations, and these fluctuate greatly among themselves and...


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