The assignment pertaining to GSLC, November 8, 2013 (05PAF SMART CLASS)

Browse the Chapter of " Motivation” and answer the following questions. 1 . Identify five distinct criteria through which organizations may compensate personnel. Based on your knowledge and encounter, do you think efficiency is the requirements most used in practice? Discuss. 5 Different Criteria in which organizations can easily compensate staff: Discipline




Frame of mind

Yes, we do think that performance may be the criteria many used in practice. Because, the majority of the companies is going to determine how very much salary they may pay according to simply how much benefit which a company can get from a staff. 2 . " Recognition might be motivational for the moment but it does not have got any staying power. It is an clear reinforce. Why? Because when you attend grocery store, they don't take identification as a form of payment! ” Do you acknowledge or argue? Discuss. All of us disagree with the statement that recognition can be motivational for the short term. As a person will more than likely to take employment that could advantage him/her from inside and also outdoors. Most likely a person that have named an important person in the task will have self-fulfillment and will be most likely to be self-motivated too. But , if the company just fulfill the external need just like money, persons will come and go very easily as long as they may have found an additional job that could pay them more. a few. " Efficiency can't be measured, so virtually any effort to link pay with performance is a illusion. Differences in efficiency are often brought on by the system, which means the organization winds up rewarding conditions. It is the same as satisfying the weather forecaster for a enjoyable day. ” Do you concur or don't agree with the assertion? Support the opinion. We all disagree with the statement that performance cannot be measured. Because performance may be measured by results that they have achieved. Such as if we collection a goal well for someone and if he/she can...


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