Once upon a time there was a boy laid in a corner of a dark room, he was exclusively and noiseless. The only noises was that of footsteps which will entered the room. " Macro! Get up you swine" said the man. His voice was very deep and threatening. He put on a redcap with a green army go well with, again he shouted plus the boy slowly rose in the floor. " We know that you are involved with a gang of villains known as the Crazy Catz although where CAN BE your top secret layer?!! ” screamed the man impatiently " I no longer work with them, in fact I have never heard about them! Can I go at this point please? ” " NO! Modular! Sargent! Take this imbecile to the tests room TODAY! ” More footsteps could possibly be heard, a shriek of pain and then bang... the doorway slammed closed. The Sargent and his apprentice Modular required the son to the electrocution room, it was a large place with a humungous red door, it stated danger hollywood. The Macro's eyes increased. They all entered, the boy was flung to the floor and strapped up to a equipment at the significantly side of the room. " This may injure a little…” said the Sargent grinning to him self. His lengthy spindly ring finger whipped away of his tightly clenched hand and moved to a big crimson button privately of the machine. " STRIKE 1! ” he yelled and a spark flew out of the equipment. But the Macro had had no shock, no effect at all basically, he just sat unaware on the floor. " What's happening” whispered the Sargent in confusion… " STRIKE 2! ” he shouted and again a similar thing happened. This individual whipped about and looked at the young man, he shifted towards him and slammed his wrist. Just then your man seen something on the boy's hand, Macro seen it also and tried to move the strap to protect it up. Nonetheless it was past too far. The Sargent had found it and was contacting touch it, his palm grasped around Macro's hand unscrewing anything as he do. Macro's sight widened once again. His hands dropped to the floor, distinct from his wrist. The Sargent examined his hands and gasped.. " Essential the electrocution didn't work….. ”...


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