Considering that the first launch of their automobile skate in 1905, Canada Circuit and Engine Company Limited (CCM) has become a dominant player in the hockey skate marketplace. By introducing numerous the best commercial features into its products, CCM has been capable of establishing itself like a major competition in the world of hockey skates, position 3rd in the global market share ranking from the Skates market for Handbags Equipment Firms (Exhibit 7). However , with recent changes in demand and technological breakthroughs in the dance shoes skate marketplace, CCM has been experiencing drop in business and revenue. As the hockey skate market matures and becomes more centered with a few significant competitors (Exhibit 6), competition to provide superior quality top-notch goods increases. While using hopes of satisfying one of the most critical goal segment of shoppers aged from 12-18, who have are known as " the Boss”, CCM launched its new type of skate generally known as U+ Expert that incorporated the U-Foam technology which had the cabability to take unique shape of each individual foot. The availability and start of the U+ Pro skate was hurried as CCM took intense marketing activities to push the product to its merchants and finally to achieve the end users. As a result, the new line of skates started going through quality problems soon after, primarily in its durability, and CCM has as attempted to fix this problem through re-launch of its new and better line of skates known as U+ Pro Reloaded. CCM features decided to change its classic launch strategy of publishing its products in March/April, and instead decided to relieve during the fall hoping that consumers, having acquired these types of skates inside the fall, could use them inside the coming summer time (Refer to Appendix (A) for comprehensive timeline of events leading up to the decision). CCM right now faces a significant decision in deciding the marketing and positioning strategy for their particular new line of U+ Expert Reloaded skates, which has been overshadowed by the U+ name in whose potential for success was overlooked in the minds of buyers. In order to advise an effective performance of the launch strategy for the U+ Pro Reloaded, the industry, external environment, plus the competition in the industry will have to be assessed first. This kind of evaluation could be conducted employing Porter's five forces evaluation which includes the assessment on 5 main forces that pose as threats around the industry (Refer to Appendix (B) intended for detailed evaluation of the a few forces). In accordance to this evaluation, it seems that the ‘threat of substitutes' postures the best force around the hockey equipment industry. Which means that, in their cool product launch strategy, CCM will need to think carefully about emphasizing on the factors as to why buyers should support preserve the hockey tradition as well as the enthusiasm for the game, rather than contemplating switching to other more affordable sports. Furthermore, since the ordering power of customers is low, rather than paying attention on cost, CCM should certainly pay more attention towards featuring the ‘Boss' segment of younger consumers with the intangible qualities that these consumers search for in a merchandise, such as endorsements by superstar NHL players, as well as these consumers' aspiration to look good in the skates and to certainly be a player with finesse. Therefore, CCM might look into re-allocating more of the product launch budget towards marketing and production. After studying the external environment, the industry all together, and the competition within that, one can embark on to look at CCM's current situation in the marketplace, and evaluate for the development of the first new product release process to see whether adjustments are necessary. Since its early beginnings, CCM has managed to establish alone as the pioneer in providing items with hi-tech functionalities. CCM has been better known in the wonderful world of hockey equipment for its skates due to its creation of the Tackaberry boot in 1937, which has been the first pair of...


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