The 3rd and last step in the segmentation process is the matter of positioning. After the company provides identified and evaluated the prospective customers it really is then required to decide on what position the organization wants to occupy in the chosen segments. To ensure the company to attain a successful setting i. e. when the focus on customers realize that the product satisfies their anticipations and wishes, there are measures the company are required to follow. These include and others; the company need to understand what the prospective customers anticipate and believe that to be most significant when picking out a purchase, the business must build a product which will caters particularly for the consumers' needs and expectations. Based on the description of the industry segmentation process, the next a part of this thesis will be the couple of the choice of goal group. The first evaluation will be completed according to the Minerva model on such basis as a questionnaire conducted. The Minerva style divides persons into 5 different life-style segments depending on their values and each of such segments is designated a color; blue, green, rose, purple and the gray segment in the centre. Furthermore the model includes a horizontal axis and a vertical axis. By using the Minerva model will probably be established it is difficult to put the target buyers of respectively the landline telephone and the mobile telephone due to the fact that the model does not provide an opportunity to blend two or more of the female segments. The Mosaic model will be used to provide another probability to determine the concentrate on customers of respectively the landline mobile phone and the mobile phone telephone. It is based on geodemographic values we. e. this combines the study of people with their current address. In this thesis the results of the version will, while the Minerva model, always be based on the questionnaire executed. On the basis of the descriptions as well as the responses it can be concluded that the mobile telephone tends to be recommended by...


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