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12 , 14, 2010

Conductivity of Ionic alternatives


This lab statement is about the conductivity of ionic solutions. In class we have been discussing wether all ionic solutions conduct equally well. If an solvent solution performs electricity, it must consist of ions. And so measuring the conductance of solutions will be able to tell you whether or not the solutes in the solution will be dissociated in to ions. (Conductivity) Any type of option, even ionic solutions, offer resistance to the flow of current through it. (Conductivity) High amount of resistance means low conductivity; low resistance means high conductivity. So we are able to say that in ionic alternatives the amount of resistance is less. The resistance and conductivity can be calculated simply by measuring the voltage used and the current flowing. The investigation question that describes my personal experiment best is;... blab... bla..... To look for that away we must know what factors may possibly influence the conductivity of ionic solutions. We have been built to create our own variables which will we will certainly carry out within an experiment. This experiments should help us answer your research question which can be aforementioned. There are many factors which may influence the conductivity of ionic chemicals. For instance the position and depth of the electrode used to copy the electricity to the answer could have a result on wether ionic alternatives can execute well or perhaps not. While it is proven that Ionic solutions dissolve in drinking water and can perform electricity the dissolve inadequately in any various other solution. During my experiment Let me use four different solvents which I can test with the five ionic solutions I possess hand chosen.

Controlled variables: Voltage used, volume solvent, amount of ionic substance used per dissolvent, temperature in which the experiment has been done Self-employed variable: Dissolvent

Centered variable: Ionic solution



Analog voltmeter


Measuring Cylinder 75 ml

Analog voltmeter


Offered: Conductivity. University of Southern Maine. Net. 29 Oct. 2010..


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