19th Century Colonization of The african continent

By the end of the 19th 100 years Europe acquired colonized Africa. The only conditions that did not get colonized were Liberia and Ethiopia because these were already self-employed themselves. The Europeans experienced many reason for why they wanted to colonize Africa. These people were generally all political and economic causes. It was simple for Europeans to colonize and take over Africa because servant trade had made the Europeans believe Africans were inferior to them. This is in fact the justification for the Europeans to have such an imperialistic thought process.

One purpose for the Europeans to colonize The african continent was the demand for raw materials. They will wanted to use Africa like a method to assure their sources of raw materials. The reason is , was since industrialization was growing swiftly and spreading throughout European countries; therefore there was now a contest for unprocessed trash. Another motive was a requirement of markets. This kind of motive was mostly given by the industrialists. They encouraged their govt to colonize Africa so they could safeguard markets because of their industrial goods. Last but not least they wanted to civilize Africa since they felt Africans are not civilized. Europeans felt that trade and commerce in Africa was one of the main components that would civilize Africa. This was something that was pushed towards the government generally by Christian mission societies and other advocates.

Once The african continent was colonized by the Europeans they discovered economic activity in The african continent was extremely diverse. A very positive point about Africa was the Vitamin Exploitation it had. Mineral Resources was definitely a plus pertaining to the economy. The top farms that took place in East and Southern The african continent were possessed by Europeans. For the most part the economies had been dependent on mining, settler culture, or the small-scale production of a single cash crop.

Overall, the Europeans had various motives to colonize The african continent. It was inside best interest especially...

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