Compare how ‘Who's for the Game? ' and ‘Dulce et Decorum Est' present war and just how they indicate the authors view point.

‘Who's to get the Game? ' was written by Jessie Pere in 1915 (At the start of the Initial World War). Jessie Pope was an English poet who began writing for Impact; between 1902 and 1922 she delivered 170 poetry to the magazine. She was obviously a prolific copy writer of hilarious verse, articles or blog posts, and short stories, that were published in numerous newspapers such as the Daily Postal mail, the Daily Express, night time Standard, The Queen, plus the Westminster Journal. The purpose of the poem ‘Who's for the sport? ' is to persuade men to become part of the army and fight for England. The main concept in this poem is if you join the army then you will feel a real champion but it will surely be wonderful. She explains the warfare as being a wonderful and triumphant place and a place in which you are very brave and although it may be demanding you will have a laugh. This is an unrealistic composition of the reality of warfare. ‘Dulce ain Decorum Est' was drafted in 1917 during the last levels of the war. This composition was written by Wilfred Owen, an English poet person who skilled the reality of war although fighting around the Western front. He perished in action 1 week before the bottom line of the war. The purpose of this kind of poem was going to show everyone that war was nothing can beat what Jessie Pope acquired said it had been. The main message in this composition is conflict makes you feel so fatigued you can rarely walk and if you happen to never be literally killed then you are mentally killed. This is certainly a very genuine poem about how tired and frail the soldiers had been and how it destroyed all of them. In ‘Who's for the Game' the primary purpose of this poem is to make you join up. Firstly it of this composition shows this; it the actual men feel as if it is a competition and they need to persuade their families they are strong and heroic. It also suggests that it is just a bit of a challenge, which makes guys believe that they have to join up to turn into...


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