Comparison of " The Garden of Love” and " The Echoing Green”

This is a comparison of two poems by the poet William Blake. The first poem is called " The Responsive green” and is also a composition from 1789, in a collection called " The Tunes of Innocence”. The second poem is called " The Garden of Love” which is from 1794, from the collection called " Songs of Experience” Through this assignment I will compare those two poems, focussing mostly within the mood.

The green tells us which the story happens outside. The storyline is set within a village. The poem is defined in the early spring, which can be seen in this quotation: " To welcome the spring”.

There are three stanzas in the initially poem, with ten lines in every stanza.

This can be a mood and atmosphere of " The echoing green”

In the initial stanza the poem creates a certain ambiance throughout the beginning of the poem: " The sun really does arise, and make completely happy the skies”. Not only does it create a disposition of springtime by naturalistic elements, but it also contain a representation, when it comes to making the air happy. We know that heavens of course cannot be happy; it contributes to creating a mood by simply metaphorical equipment. Words because " cheerful”, " happy” and " sing” can also be creating a feeling. The word " sing” would not necessarily create a mood, although in this circumstance it does.

In the second stanza, I locate the mood rather nostalgic, but in a cheerful approach, which can be seen in the last four lines if the elder individuals are looking back to when they were young and enjoyed on the echoing green. There exists a contrast among " older John” and " youth-time”, which is a comparison between young and old.

In the third stanza the mood much more dark, however in a calm way. Phrases like " darkening”, " the sun does descend” implies the fact the fact that mood is definitely darker compared to the first two stanzas, which is due to the concept of the the composition. In the initially stanza, it absolutely was cheerful approximately youth and then the beginning of life, even though the third stanza, it is all of a sudden darkening, which will...


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