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Ahead of the Cuban Innovation, Cuba was under the rule of an oppressive leader known as Fulgencio Batista. Batista was despised and an famous ruler as they caused a huge gap between rich as well as the poor. This kind of caused a large number of to try to overthrow the government in search of equality. The best of one of these guerilla moves went by the name of Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro led a great armed movements against the ALL OF US armed Batista and took leadership by simply force. If he first arrived in Havana the populous had not been sure what things to think of all their new head.  " Afterwards that day, as he addressed the huge group, someone produced white doves as a sign of peacefulness and a single landed in Castro's shoulder joint. Many Cubans took that as a sign that having been destined to lead them to a better future” (Depalma). This struggle for equal rights is called the Cuban Trend and they have many effects on background. The Cuban Revolution is very important to background because it put Cuba since an important Soviet Union best friend for the Cold Conflict, making the Cold Conflict more severe, that caused the to place a trading rintangan on Tanque, and that caused Cuba to turn into a communist country. Although the US was at good contact with Emborrachar at the time of the Cuban Innovation " This didn't consider long for contact between Wa and Havana to sour” and mess up (Depalma). This happened mainly because many American politicians belittled Castro to get his, frequently unfair, trials against Batista's men, usually ending with death to get the defendant. This in turn angered Castro, whom accused the of interfering with Cuba's affairs. Castro was discouraged that the US began to take away support by farms and businesses. " As associations with the ALL OF US cooled, Cuba drew nearer to the Soviet...

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