TO: Customer Service Administrator, specialists of Customer Service Department, regional office buildings with their very own customer service departments



SUBJECT MATTER: Customer issue: processing, response and reduction

I'd like to check out the complaint received from Elinor Mills which in turn followed by her refusal to receive services from our company.

The complaint was received by cellphone. According to the phrases of our former customer the girl filed that complaint for several times because she was constantly charged for the service (land phone) which usually she failed to use nevertheless it was included in her package. But the invoice issue was what started the ultimate problem. What made Elinor stop working together with our firm was that your woman wasn't offered the very type of service package she necessary, i. elizabeth. DSL only without land phone line, though DSL Direct was offered in Ms Mills' place since 2006 and your woman had become the customer in 2007. She didn't even know that it absolutely was possible until the complaint. The customer claimed the repay in amount of $600 mentioning the fact that she was charged intended for the support which your woman almost failed to use. Elinor also mentioned that your woman managed to get a particular and obvious answer as well as proper apology only from a spokeswoman of company which she surely could reach only due to her reporter position.

I realize couple of concerns which should be paid attention to as well as handful of lessons we have to learn from this example. First of all, the specialists with the customer service department need to be educated how the discussion with the clients should be kept. These specialists need to know for least basic principles of effective communication just like introducing yourself in the beginning with the conversation.

The representatives of any customer service office need to know that they do have to advertise all the companies and should help the customer for top level option. They have to also be prepared to react on time and...


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