Unit 4227-066 5. 1 5. 2

Prepare balanced foods, snacks and drinks for the children in their early years, following current government guidance on nutritional demands.

Recognise for what reason it is important to follow carer's instructions in respect of their particular child's meals allergies and intolerance's.

During a child's early years it is essential to obtain a balanced diet plan due to their speedy growth, development, and activity levels. Kids also start to develop diet plan and patterns at this stage and therefore planning a good balanced food, snack and drink will certainly encourage them to continue a healthy eating pattern down the road. The government guidance on nutritional demands is extremely important and informative and can be easily reached on line at www.food.gov.uk/nutguideuk.pdf. Here we can supply all the information required to provide the children with a healthful balanced diet plan which should incorporate, plenty of starchy foods such as rice, bread, pasta and potatoes, plenty of fruit and vegetables (although it says 5 each day, this has lately increased to 7 a day). A moderate amounts of protein-rich foods such as various meats, fish, ova and alternatives such as nut products and signal. A modest amount of milk and dairy, selecting reduced fat versions or eating smaller amounts of full fat versions, and less condensed fat, salt and sugar. They also advise that children within the age of five who are certainly not good predators take a product containing vitamins A, G & C.

Having designed the snack foods at my placing I am aware that it can be important to incorporate foods that help kids have important vitamins, mineral deposits and dietary fibre in as they are only present in small quantities in most foods and will assure healthy development and growth in children. It is also vital that you consider what time they are ingesting, variety, childrens preferences, giving children fresh and interesting foods. Where possible we should try and permit the children to become involved in treat preparation since this will inspire them...


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