1 ) how performed reform and opening up in the 1990' influence MBA inner LOC, so why? Rise。 since social backdrop in china has lots of changes and chances to achieve success than before inside the 1990' installment payments on your Is personal behavior advantages or disadvantages? Good,,maybe poor

3. Body language, why is it even more persuasive than verbal?

some. What kind of group zero politics? Not any group

5. why MBA more politics than average people? MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION seek to achievement, want more professional growth and reliability than typical people 6. COCONUT cake experiment present what theory? Fair公平

several. why task enlargement injure producitivity? task enlargement recieve more task, employee take more task need to know more ability in addition to unit time productivity becomes lower eight. what attribute leader always has? No attribute leader always has 9. simplest way for bettering communicaiton abilities? send successfully and obtain effectively 15. when a bigger group-12 is most beneficial? for example

once gathering data and info, larger group12 is better. 10. ways to increase pressure intended for change?

Exhibit need for modify

Communicate potential benefits.

Guard interests.

Obtain people involved in the change method.

Communicate the progress of change.

Make use of a respected change agent.

Strengthen earlier adjustments.

12. for what reason 10 people less than 2 people connection

the more people,the less individual effort

finest power pertaining to productivity Professional


18. what test taught us immediate envirionment influences behavior Milgram's cross experiment

15. first step to improve anticipatory预料

16. what research biggest contribution to OB? 心理学psychology 18. Why centralized than decentralized common? Natural it is natural and no technique. 18. managers saving fire, what are " fires” crisis

19. centered independent interdepent, which prevalent, why

twenty. which best productivity, above three, so why? Interdependent twenty-one. candle try things out tell us what?


pitfall with vicarious learning? Lack of practice and it's hard to...


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