Outline and evaluate the multi-store model

The MSM was created by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) who advised that memory space was made up of three independent stores. These were; sensory recollection, short term memory space and long-term memory. The model reveals how info is transferred between the 3 stores. The model merely shows that when your are given details of environmental stimuli it will eventually enter your sensory memory and only if you pay attention will it enter the short term storage, which has a potential of 7+/- 2 components of information. The info can last about 18 mere seconds, without wedding rehearsal. STM is usually encoded generally acoustically, even so sometimes it is completed visually. In the event that maintenance wedding rehearsal takes place it will eventually remain in STM or always be forgotten as a result of displacement or decay. Elaborative rehearsal will certainly transfer details into LTM which has unlimited capacity and can last a lifetime. LTM is encoded mainly semantically. The collection of information coming from LTM to STM could happen when needed. It is a thready model as the information merely passes through the model one way. A particular durability of this version is that it is high in environmentally validity and so can be used on everyday life. An example is the example of H. M. who had brain surgery to cure serious epilepsy but this triggered the inability to transfer data from STM to LTM so that he could not contact form long term thoughts, supporting the concept that the MSM is not really a unitary unit. Another model is the research laboratory experiment of Glanzer and Cuntiz (1966) who found that participants who were asked to remember prospect lists of terms could remember the 1st and previous couple of words and the features in the middle had been more difficult. This will show that the first words and phrases in the list have already been stored in LTM whereas the very last words are still in STM. A weakness of this style is that the scientific evidence which in turn supports this model lacks quality because it is carried out as a research laboratory experiment. This...


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