A Detailed Lessons Plan in Biology

I. Objectives

At the end of the lessons, the students are able to:

1 . distinguish cellular constructions;

2 . differentiate the features of each buildings;

3. acquaint what the cell looks like and

4. compare the factory to a cell

2. Topic: Cell phone structures and functions

Skill: describing, explaining, illustrating

Materials: pictures, photocopied materials and video clip (cell biology) Sources:

•Aquino, Jesunino R. et. 's, Biology II. St . Augustine Publication Incorporation. •Capco, Carmelitano M. Ain. al, Biology Textbook, Phoenix, az Publishing House, Inc. •Biology Sci. And Technology Textbook for second year, Book Press Inc. •Olivares, Helen et. approach, Science and Technology to get the Modern Worl Diwa Scholastic Press •Villamil, Aurora Meters. Sciance and Technology, Phoenix, az Publishing House •http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zufaN_aetZI


III. Learning Activity

A. Motivation

Photo Analysis:

I will divide the students into group, five members each. Give a recorder You are going to do this in five(5) minutes.

Show them the different photos of cellular tissues and several parts of cellular material ( at the. g. Ribosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes ).

Allow them to examine the images carefully and choose included in this is the cell. But before the student give their particular answers, let them first read the situation below:

B. Demonstration

Situation Examination:

Larry performs in a forensic laboratory. His boss Wayne instructed him to get a cellular sample through the child sufferer that has stepped on by a pick up truck. Which of the following is a cell that Larry will need to send to James? Teachers ActivityStudent's Activity From the photos i have provided you with, Student will certainly select from the given choose what Wayne should get in the child pictures of tissue, organs, parts of a cellular victim. and cell. (5)minutes.

After hearing the student answers,

let them describe why they think their response

is correct.

In that case allow for variations in answer.

Discussing find out if your option is correct.

Down the line, since Lewis is a part of forensic team,

lets see what he truly choose. To learn which

is a cell lets watch this video.

C. Preparation:

Film viewing: (cell organelles and their functions)

NOTICE: Take note of the top information about the cellular especially it is parts and functions.

Follow up questions:

What do you discover?

What do you call each of the structure?

In which photo in the previous activity is it comparable? What is definitely your thought about the cell?

Educators ActivityStudent's Activity

What is your thought about the cell? The cell has its own parts Ma'am and Certainly Nica. they have their own functions.

Definitely Nica.

Now I will let the students give theirFrom the movie we now have just viewed answers for the situation examination. Ma'am, we got it proper.

This is a cellular ma'am (show the picture).

Very good, you got this right group 2 .

So you are now familiar what a cellular

looks like.

At this point its the perfect time to know and distinguish

the different structures of the cellular and

their function.

Deb. Generalization

You will definitely compare our factory to a cellular.

This time I would like five (5) groups, half a dozen (6) people each.

Total the table posted right in front: you receive fifteen (15) minutes to reply to. " CELL AS A FACTORY”


IV. Analysis

I will deliver each college student a copy ( poem of the cell ). They are going to fill in the blanks with the corresponding parts of the cell using their functions because their clue. They can be given eight (10) mins to answer. Composition of a cellular:

I are a cellular

A framework of lifestyle

I'll let you know my components

And what they all perform

First off

I possess ATP

It and the ___________

Generate energy

The ________________

Can be my pal too

This covers me personally

To protect myself and...


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