When people think about the sixties and seventies they typically think about the counterculture that developed during the time. This kind of counterculture was obviously a movement for many rights. During this time there were motions for municipal rights, free of charge speech, anti-war, feminism, environmentalism and gay and lesbian liberation. The ideas had been changing, and also the culture in America. From this, come about ‘hippies, ' a sex revolution, new music, new variations, new mind-sets, and drugs. Many people, specifically hippies started experimenting with medications. Especially hallucinogens. This may be called the psychedelic movement. The use of LSD, Marijuana, Shrooms and other psychedelic drugs became incredibly prevalent. These types of drugs started to be a major element of the counterculture, influencing philosophy, art, music and styles of dress. During this time, drugs (mostly psychedelic) started to be more socially acceptable and intensely common. After this time, items cooled down somewhat, and drugs started to be less socially acceptable and more restricted. Currently, the U. S. seems to be taking a turn back to the counterculture. Drugs have grown to be more socially acceptable and very common, and also LEGAL. Claims such as Co and Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and are affecting others to join in. This issue is fairly a new comer to the U. S, which is very widespread in todays world. Things are changing, and also the policy's in drugs. Research have now found that pot can be used inside the medical field as a medicine for some people, and these studies have made the debate about legalizing cannabis even stronger. The US appears to be taking a turn back to the counterculture, but there exists a twist: the ages in which individuals are experimenting with drugs are decreasing, and younger and young people are getting influenced simply by drugs. Not just that, but because of the medical and technological advances, various products are becoming chemically increased. Including medicines. This is already starting to turn into an issue, as they...


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