Effect of lumination on Silver precious metal Halide Salts

Aim: To check into the effect of sunlight and UV mild on sterling silver salts also to identify an application of this reaction. Hypothesis: The compounds confronted with sunlight (which already contains UV light) will decompose. The compounds which are not really exposed to mild (put within a dark place) will not break down. Theory:


5. 4 by petri meals

* one particular x a glass stirring fly fishing rod

* 0. 1 mol/L silver nitrate in a dropper bottle

2. 0. you mol/L Salt chloride within a dropper jar

* zero. 1 mol/L Sodium iodide in a dropper bottle


1 . Make sure you are using safety eyeglasses

2 . Take the petri meals and labeled then 1, 2, 3, and 5.

3. Add twenty drops of silver nitrate solution to every single petri dish. 4. Add 20 drops of salt chloride to petri dish one and three. Increase stirring fishing rod and observe the reaction. 5. Add 20 drops of sodium iodine to petri dishes a couple of and some. Mix with stirring rod and observe reaction. 6. Place petri food 1 and 3 inside the sunlight pertaining to 5-10 minutes. 7. Set petri dishes 2 and 4 in a dark place, away from virtually any light. 8. After 5-10 minutes, take notice of the reaction and record results. Risk Examination:


Substance solutions getting into eyes| Be mindful while controlling chemical alternatives, always use safety glasses| In case this kind of happens, notify teacher and wash sight thoroughly wash eyes with clean frosty water| Discoloration hands with solution| Wear safety mitts and deal with with care| Inform instructor; wash affected region under frosty water. | Sniffing the gas developed after reaction| Do not wide open petri dish once the alternatives are mixed. Toxic emissions may be present| Inform tutor, immediately seek out medical attention


The Salt Chloride NaCl was decomposing faster than Sodium Iodine NaI inside the sunlight. Whereas the petri dishes put in the darker location as a control demonstrated no signs of decomposition or change in coloring. Solution|...


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