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Thousands of years really worth of history passed down generation to generation through culture will not be easy to maintain with the evolving world around us, but getting close to the origins of your history is a priceless and unique aspect of every person's life varying between families either tremendously or just a tiny little. In " Everyday Use", Alice Walker creates a short story showing of a mom and her two daughter's contradicting interpretations of historical past. In " Everyday Use", Walker uses point of view, significance, and characterization to show how persons should be linked to their deepest roots of heritage each day. Walker allows the reader to find the story from Mama's viewpoint granting a chance to view both sides of how Margaret and Dee express their very own heritage. From your lines from the story Mother states, " Pressed all of us to her while using serious way she browse, to leave us away at just as soon as, like dimwits... Often We fought off of the temptation to shake her. " (Walker 154), demonstrating her bad view of Dee. Via Mama's standpoint, Dee can be yet to comprehend the true meaning of history shown by simply her lack of appreciation on her family. Mama grows to dislike how Dee goodies her along with how she automatically believes she is outstanding due to the fact that she receives a college degree as the other associates did not have this opportunity. Coming from Mama's stand point in this story you is able to begin to see the attributes that she will not like about Dee, and appreciate her decisions later inside the narrative for these reasons. On the other side in the siblings, Mama's perspective uncovers Maggie's short comings by simply pointing out how she is excessively submissive and shy. The reader can clearly see that Mother grows to favor Maggie due to just how quiet and compassionate your woman was growing up learning things from Grandma Dee as the lady grew. Maggie grows up inside the shadow of Dee, but only because showing how Dee would always take away the attention that leads Maggie to grow up more...


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