Answer each question in a single to two paragraphs:

1 . Exactly what the major similarities and differences between the Yahoo and google business versions? The major similarities between Google and Yahoo business types are; Yahoo and google if utilized as a google search both make revenue by advertising and from internet marketer referral costs where they would receive a referral fee or percentage of the revenue via any ensuing sales. Difficulties differences among Google and Yahoo organization models are; Google can be used mainly being a search engine AdWords, Search, YouTube, Gmail, Orkut, Google earth, Google labs etc . Google-maps, Picasa, Yahoo books, Yahoo Scholar, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Chromebook, where Yahoo is used as a News, Postal mail, Screen, Reddit, News Process, Sports, Illusion Sports, Financing, Weather, Technical, My Bing, Messenger, Foodstuff

2 . Exactly what the most important challenges and issues companies face once expanding the reach with their markets? As internet has become available for every person and it's a non-stop widely used growing industry, companies will have to have a presence on the web to broaden the reach of their marketplace in an powerful and inexpensive way that would generate a much better profit. Nevertheless building a internet site that is distinct and attracting customers is usually challenging since there are many other options. In order to be present online there are factors to become considered for any successful and profitable occurrence which will include: making a clear comprehension of the business objective and understanding how to choose the correct technology to obtain those objectives by experiencing a building steps that happen to be: the organizational capabilities, recruiting, hardware architecture, software, telecommunications and internet site design. Also they should check into how to have their web site unlike the different competitors to attract and keep customers.

3. Describe the business-to-business models. Give examples of each model (other than the ones listed in the textbook). E-Distributors: is a company that items products and services right to individual businesses. PERI Group is among the an E-distributor for buildings. For example they offer formwork and scaffolding systems to construction companies. E-Procurement: creates and sells usage of digital digital markets. Mikrofax is an example of E-procurement computer software. Exchange: is definitely an independent digital electronic market place where suppliers and commercial purchasers may conduct orders Industry Holding: is and industry owned vertical marketplaces that provide specific industrial sectors Private Professional Network: is actually a digital network designed to synchronize the movement of marketing and sales communications among businesses engaged in business together. Metissage is a good example of a private professional Network.

four. What type of features and features would a huge business require in its digital commerce program? The features and characteristics a large business need in its electronic commerce system are; digital list, product databases, customer on-site tracking, shopping cart software, payment system, customer database, product sales database, Ad server, email server, email campaign manager, ad banner manager, web page tracking and reporting program and inventory management system. These are generally the main aspects of e-commerce devices and it can be implemented applying different e-commerce suites which will varies in the cost with regards to the business features such as Microsoft Commerce Storage space with approximately price of $20, 218 and Intershop Enfinity Collection 6 Buyer Channel with an approximate price range of $125, 000 -- $250, 000. In addition , there will be important equipment that must be available on a website to facilitate virtually any customer's connection with the site such as significant text alternative, it should be listed below using a powerful data era tool, different languages in the event the market niche is international, provide comparison between products, online with buyer by having a chat choice,...

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