Mark Gregory R. Abelardo

Field Analyze 1

Focus: School as a learning Environment

Specific Process:

* College Visit Check into its faculties and areas that support learning, (i. e., library, playground, canteen). * Describe the School Environment

* Prepare an remark log

Learning Evidences: An illustration of any school that may be supportive of learning or possibly a " child friendly school” through one of the following: 1 . A detailed paragraph

2 . A photo dissertation

3. A sketch/drawing

four. Poem, track, rap yet others

Domain: Learning Environment, Curriculum

Competencies Overall performance Indicator: Identify an environment that delivers social, emotional, and physical environment supportive of learning.


The school I was designated to was St . Paul College of Ilocos En se promenant sur (Grade College Department). The initial thing I noticed relating to this school can be it's sanitation, the students practice trash segregation, a garbage can for biodegradable and nonbiodegradable and I can't look for a single bit of candy wrapper or any kind of rubbish around the school grounds. Paulinians do make a difference, hygiene is next to Godliness. I can further more say that using the environment is always kept spending is very supportive of it is learners with regards to sanitation and it's really very favorable for learning. The next remark I had was the teachers who were quite patient with their learners. The teachers have a very kid friendly frame of mind but though they are they still discipline the students in a manner that is delicate. Discipline is among the most important principles a tutor must inculcate to the pupils; it can make or perhaps break a student. The lack of it may result to poor academic and social upbringing. Teaching self-control to pupils can be one of the most tedious and challenging activity a educator must go through. Therefore , I can say that teachers in this college provide a good psychological environment for the scholars by educating them very good values and discipline. The...


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