Figurative Terminology

is also known as figures of speech.

That changes the literal which means of

phrases • to show complexity,

• to capture an actual or sensory

effect, or perhaps

• to extend meaning.

There are a variety of

numbers of presentation.

Some of the more common ones


Making a comparison between

contrary to things, applying " like” or " as. ”

Forrest Gump's famous simile is

" Life is just like a box of chocolates.

You never know very well what you're likely to


Producing a comparison among

unlike things without the make use of

" like” or " as. ”

An example is usually, " The eyes are the

windows on your soul. ” – Immanuel



An hyperbole.

For example:

My spouse and i told you several times being


You never talk with me.

The teacher gave us plenty of work.


Giving humann

qualities to the

animal, factor or thought.

The wind screamed my name.

The home window flew wide open.

The book jumped out of my personal



Someone who explains to the story.

You will find 3 types:

Protagonist -- main figure

Observer -- person who is indirectly

involved in the story

Non-participant - in no way involved,

could be omniscient (knows



The attitude an author usually takes toward

the audience, subject or perhaps character.

The tone can be conveyed throughout the

author's terms and specifics.

Think of once someone says,

" Avoid the use of that strengthen with me! ”

Your strengthen can change the meaning of

your words.


A pattern is the main idea of a

tale, or the concept the author is

conveying. This message is often

about your life, society or human nature.


A landscape in a story that earnings to

an earlier time.


is a literary device intended for conveying

meaning by saying the exact

opposite of

what is really supposed.

(Sarcasm is one sort of irony.

It can be praise which is really an insult.

Sarcasm generally consists of malice, the

desire to set someone straight down, for


" This is my amazing son who have failed

A lot more filled with ironies.

Listen to the subsequent TRUE


1 . The standard cost of rehabilitating a seal off after

the Exxon Valdez oil drip in Ak was $80, 000.

By a special ceremony, two of the most

expensively saved animals had been released back

into the wild amid regards and applause from

onlookers. A minute after, they were both eaten

with a killer whale.

2 . Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet don't pay

enough postage over a letter explosive device. It returned

Dramatic Monologue

• Dramatic says that this could be acted

out, and is also a form of theatre,

• while monologue specifies it as a

speech that a person person makes, either

to themselves or to another.

• A dramatic monologue can be written

to expose both the circumstance at hand

as well as the character their self.


Genre is a France word

which means kind or type.

The major genres in literature are

poetry, fictional works, drama and


Additionally, it may refer to further

types of literature just like

comedy, disaster, epic beautifully constructed wording or


Narrative text message is a history.

(usually fiction)

Informational or perhaps expository

can be written to share with, to explain, to

describe as well as to present details.

(usually nonfiction)

Persuasive Essay is producing

designed to convince reader to look at

things from your author's level of



Biographical text is definitely an account

of an individuals life, written by

somebody else

Proverbs or perhaps Maxims

will be old words which demonstrate a

real truth.

" A f a day keeps the doctor

away” doesn't suggest you have to consume apples

every day. The general fact being

disseminated is that a diet that is rich in

Literary Conditions






Foil Character


Mood is the emotion that YOU feel

while you're reading.

A lot of literature makes you feel miserable,

others joyful, still other folks angry.


When a composition is broken into

groups of lines, often which has a

regular style, these

groupings are called stanzas

or perhaps verses.


This is an additional word intended for play.

Gowns when character types tell a

story within a theatrical...


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