Fredrick Douglass and David Crockett

Frederick Douglass and David Crockett were both lifted in very different circumstances together completely different routes in life; nonetheless they both shared common beliefs, values and experiences. Frederick Douglass was developed a servant in the point out of Baltimore, and eventually escaped slavery in the year 1938. Douglass was a good believer inside the equality of all people. Having been often cited saying " I would bring together with any person to do right and with nobody to perform wrong. " David crocket was a white-colored American, who was born in Tennessee. Having been the 6th of eight children, and childhood was filled with activities. He was later known for his involvement in politics, literary works and the government. He had solid beliefs in independence. Having been well known pertaining to sharing his beliefs together with the world devoid of hesitation. The struggles that both of these men endured helped shape all of them into the historical figures we understand today, even though their lives were so diverse, presently there morals and standards happen to be strongly related of 1 another. David Crockett's the child years was filled up with adventure and struggles. One of the defining moments in David's life happened around the regarding twelve. David's father recommended to a gentleman that was traveling over 300 mls with a significant stock of cattle, that David helps him on his trip. The man agreed to this and so youthful David and the Old Nederlander man trigger on this very long journey. If they arrived with their destination the person seemed happy with David's assistance and insisted that he stay and not come back to his friends and family. David obeyed the man, good results . a careful heart. He eventually delivered to his family by simply getting a ride home without the consent with the Old Dutch man. I do think this was a turning point in the life of David Crockett, because it educated him the importance of hard work, relatives, and also the harsh realities of other people. That taught him that not most men were to be trusted. Fredrick Douglass also learned this kind of the hard...


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