Cassandra N. Phillips

Keiser University

December 14, 2012

PSY 1012-Introduction to Psychology

Mentor Balkaran


In 1966, the professional Charles K. Hofling conducted a two-part experiment that was encouraged by Milgram's research in obedience (Milgram, S., 1963 & 1965). It consisted of a review and discipline study on obedience in the nurse-physician relationship. Primarily, what goes on when nursing staff are required to perform a procedure which will goes against her professional standards and secondly, to ascertain if nursing staff were aware of their particular tendencies in the level of obedience they exhibited.

The Method, Participants, & Materials

3 psychiatric hospitals in the Midwest took portion in this research, with a single hospital acting as the control group. The control group contains a total of twenty-two nurses (twelve graduate student nurses and twenty-one student nurses) would you complete the survey throughout the field examine period. The field try things out would be conducted in twenty-one wards (twelve public and ten private) of the staying two psychiatric hospitals. The twenty-two registered nurse participants were closely combined for grow older, sex, race, marital position, length of working week, specialist experience and area of origins. An fabricated scenario was explained to the group of healthcare professionals and medical students who were not only anticipated to answer the actual would do, but also what they believed the majority of various other nurses will do in the same condition (Hofling, Brotzman, Dalrymple, Tragique & Pierce, 1966).

Hofling then established for a memo to be sent to all of the individuals to remind them of their tasks with regard to within medication to get patients. The nurses had been observed to see if they followed the guidelines presented otherwise a violation of hospital coverage would have taken place. Per the memo, (1) medication purchases and guidelines could not be accepted more than...

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