Directions on How to Write a Summary Paper

The main point of writing any summary paper is to convey your understanding of the meaning of a particular source text to other people, without them having to read it entirely. How to write a summary paper? Read on to answer this question, or contact our company that will take care of everything perfectly.

Basic Steps to Write the Best Paper

  • Read and study a given text carefully to get a better feeling of its tone, mood, style and define important ideas expressed by the author;
  • Divide this text into a few basic section to create your rough outline and make the entire material easier to grasp (highlight key points and mark interesting areas);
  • After getting a clearer understanding of detailed information in every part of your source, write down key ideas in each section, like a brief overview;
  • Write a catchy introduction to present the main ideas of your original text (include the author’s name, title, and other background information);
  • Write the main body to state the best ideas chosen while reading a given text and expand them by including a few excellent examples (avoid describing any minor point);
  • After summarizing the important ideas of this text, your summary paper is finished, and its conclusion should offer personal comments and suggestions with no new ideas.

Key Points to Consider

Don’t forget to choose a fresh and interesting topic for this paper. For example, teachers can ask you to write it on specific novels, articles, scientific works, research papers, and so on. This academic assignment can be completed on any topic, so you’re limited only by your own creativity.

Besides, there are some key points that should be considered to submit a great summary paper:

  • Think about its connection to the original source because it’s one of the main aspects of this writing assignment;
  • It should serve as a brief and informative substitute for a given text, so the audience should get its basic understanding after reading your paper;
  • It’s all about summarizing original sources without trying to criticize them.

How to write a summary paper? To submit an excellent essay, you need to include certain things while avoiding others.

What to Do

  • Cite the author’s words when needed to avoid plagiarism;
  • Write in the present tense;
  • Understand original texts in full and clarify all doubts about the meaning of specific terms before getting started;
  • Ensure that you repeat the main ideas of authors when citing their words;
  • Revise your summary paper when everything is ready because you can add more quotes, fix different mistakes, make other improvements to increase its overall quality (ask your friends to check this essay to define whether they can grasp its main idea easily).

What Not to Do

  • Don’t include personal interpretations and examples in this paper because its basic purpose is repeating the information shared in original sources (in your own words and in a shorter form);
  • Don’t write any personal judgements and evaluations of a given text because you only need to sum it up without giving any personal opinion;
  • Don’t try to summarize all ideas in the text in this essay because you should focus on the most important ones;
  • Don’t focus on unnecessary and minor details;
  • Don’t forget about smooth transitions between paragraphs because they signal readers when to move to new ideas.

The Most Common Paper Writing Mistakes

Many students make the same mistakes when writing their summary papers and you should avoid them:

  • Forgetting to cite quotes and authors’ words in your essay;
  • Including too little or too much information in it;
  • Focusing on unimportant examples, anecdotes, and details;
  • Trying to explain and interpret what authors wanted to say in their works because you only need to give readers a brief overview without any interpretations.

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