Find Out How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

A paper abstract is just like a movie trailer because it provides readers with its brief overview, highlights the most important points, and helps them decide if they want to read the whole work. So, if your abstract fails to grab people’s attention and leave them with a positive impression at once, there is a high chance that your research paper will be rejected. When it gets published, this part is the first thing that readers see. They are interested in keep reading the rest of your paper only if they find an abstract engaging enough. How to write an abstract for a research paper? In research writing, abstracts must be structured to describe the audience methods, background information, conclusions, and results.

Important Parts of Your Abstract

Ensure that it’s quite brief, although an abstract for your research paper serves many important functions. Basically, there are specific sections that must be included, and each one consists of a single sentence, but you get enough room for creativity. Teachers usually allow their students to spread these parts for a few sentences when needed. Use the following example as a helpful checklist for your research paper abstract.

  • Your motivation. Why do you care about specific problems and results? This basic section should explain the difficulty of your chosen area, importance of your work, and its possible impacts.
  • Stating a problem. Which problem do you want to solve? It determines the scope of your abstract.
  • Chosen approaches. How did you solve the given problem? You can use analytic models, stimulation, prototype construction, and other methods to succeed.
  • Results. What is your answer? Avoid being vague and using any hand-waving results in this section.
  • Conclusions. What are any possible implications of this answer? Define whether your results are possibly generalized, general, or specific to a given case.

Important Things to Consider

An abstract of your research paper should be its self-contained and brief description. Consider interesting things that can help you succeed.

Basic Points That Your Abstract Should Contain

Include the following points to submit the best abstract:

  • Meet word count requirements. If it’s too long or too short, no one will want to read it and your teachers will reject your abstract.
  • State any major limitations and restrictions of your results.
  • Think about helpful keywords and search phrase that readers may use to find your research paper in databases. Ensure that they appear in abstracts to attract more people.
  • Include your topic area, problem statement, or domain that your paper abstract is applicable to.

Useful Tips to Write a Great Paper Abstract

Writing a good abstract demands your hard work, but it results in enticing more people to read your paper. How to write an abstract for a research paper? Check whether all important components are included in it to achieve success. Choose the best way to go about fitting them from your original paper by answering standard questions. Why your research is conducted? What are its basic goals? How are they achieved? Follow these guidelines to make this process easier:

  • Start writing your abstract only after finishing a research paper;
  • Define major conclusions and objectives from its conclusion and introduction;
  • Choose key phrases and sentences;
  • Determine the most important results of your research;
  • Ensure that your abstract doesn’t contain any new information, undefined group names or abbreviations, unnecessary details, reference citations, and discussions of previous literature;
  • Remove any extra information to make an abstract flow smoothly;
  • Check whether it includes basic sections, such as the purpose of your research paper, major findings, its purpose, techniques and methods, implications, conclusions, and others.

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