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Executive Summary2

Introduction to Pieces of furniture Industry3

Universe Furniture Production3

Role in World Economy4

Qualities of the household furniture industry4

Sector Trends4

Home furniture Industry in Pakistan5

Summary of IKEA6

The IKEA Concept6


IKEA Range7

1 . Design7

2 . Function8

a few. Low Price-8

IKEA Product names8

IKEA Catalogue9

Major Global Competitors9

Major Pakistani Competitors9

Authorities Policies Directed at the Industry12

Policies to encourage position in a number country12

Guidelines to Protect Neighborhood Firms12

Guidelines to Discriminate Against International Firms13

Intercontinental regulatory Frameworks13

Predominant Corporate and business Strategies of the Industry14


Work Pattern15

Functioning Conditions16

Which usually country can be gaining as well as losing jobs16






" Pakistan, As A Potential Market Pertaining to IKEA”20

Government policies and current environment also party favors IKEA21






Results and Recommendations25



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Executive Synopsis

Pakistan's share in the foreign wooden home furniture market is minor, despite the fact that the country has a good craftsmanship and innovation in neuro-scientific wooden pieces of furniture. The wooden furniture industry represents ninety five percent in the total marketplace in the country. The leading furniture producing areas of Pakistan are Chiniot, Gujrat, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi. In terms of exports, Karachi comes first, accompanied by Lahore and Peshawar. Pressure on the home-based industry has immensely increased as various other countries just like Thailand and Korea have started exporting extensively to Pakistan. In Pakistan, the wooden furniture industry could be categorized in small scale and cottage. These types of units however use obsolete machinery, insufficient tools and manual labor for manufacturing wooden furniture. Therefore high costs and poor output. In our statement we have we certainly have chosen IKEA as the brand. We are focusing on the opening of its franchise in Pakistani market, consuming consideration all the pros and cons of its starting in Pakistan. For this purpose we now have decided to execute overall analysis of the home furniture industry remembering different governmental policies, pressures of global standardization, labor force, and employment tendencies etc . In addition, we incorporated Ikea's function of access in Pakistan and its expense opportunity research of the company along considering the description of the issues which are production costs (land, labor, capital, transport, technology & innovation) and global competition.

Summary of Furniture Sector

The pieces of furniture industry involves all the firms and actions involved in the design and style, manufacture, syndication, and sales of functional and attractive products use with houses, educational institutions, offices and also other places to generate these places suitable and comfy for living or doing work in. In addition to furniture's useful...

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