п»їIRR of BP 344



Joint Promulgated By simply:

The Department of Open public Works and Highways Slot Area, Manila The Department of Transportations and Communications Pasig, Local area Manila in coordination with:

The Nationwide Council pertaining to the Well being of Impaired Persons

(Accessibility Sector for the Magna Mapa for Incapable Person) Diliman, Quezon Town RULE We – RANGE AND PROGRAM

1 . Goal:

The Rules and regulations established herein give minimum requirements and requirements to make complexes, facilities and utilities for public use accessible to disabled folks, pursuant towards the objectives of Batas Pambansa Bilang 344, An Take action to Enhance the Mobility of Disabled Folks by Demanding Certain Buildings, Institutions, Organizations and Open public Utilities to setup Facilities and also other Devices. installment payments on your Definition of Terms:

For the purpose of these types of Rules and Regulations, the words, terms keyword and key phrase enumerated in Annex AВ hereof shall have the meaning as provided in it. 3. Opportunity:

The provisions of these Rules and Regulations shall affect the following: a few. 1 General public and private properties and related structures to get public employ and which shall be constructed repaired or perhaps renovated. 3. 2 Roads and highways and community utilities

several. 2 . 1 Streets and highways

3. 2 . a couple of Public transport vehicles which usually shall consist of:

a). Traveling buses and jeepneys

b). Passengers train locomotives, including those of the Light Rail Transit Expert (LRTA) c). Domestic inter-island vessels

d). Domestic aeroplanes of airline carriers

3. 2 . 3 Public Telephones

3. 3 General public transport

terminals including the ones from LRTA

some. Application:

5. 1 Community and private properties and related structures for public work with. No permit for the construction, repair or perhaps renovation of public and private buildings and related structures for open public use, whether owned or perhaps leased, shall be granted or issued, unless of course the owner thereof shall include provided inside the places and specifications posted for endorsement barrier-free features and convenience features as anticipated in these Guidelines and in obedience with the followings criteria: four. 1 . 1 Building and related structures to be constructed

a). In the space the place that the primary function is dished up and where facilities and ingress/egress of the building or perhaps structure can be found, as to generate such space accessible towards the disabled persons; provided, however , that where the primary function can be served on the ingress level and in which such level is provided with establishments, requirements intended for accessibility in other levels may be waived. b). 10 % (10%) with the total number of units of government-owned living accommodations will be accessible and fully functional by the incapable persons with any fractional part in excess of one-half (1/2) in the calculation thereof, being considered as one unit; to get privately-owned living accommodations the number of accessible products shall be as anticipated in Section 3 of Rule 3 thereof. c). Ingress/egress in the street to the building or structure should be made accessible. d). Accessible slots in car parking areas will probably be located because near as possible to ingress/egress spaces of the building or perhaps structure. four. 1 . a couple of Building and related constructions to be mended or refurbished including individuals proposed starting now of occupancy â€" If feasible, barrier-free facilities and accessibility and accessibility features shall be offered in accordance with the needs under Subsection 4. 1 . 1 (1), (c ) and (d): feasibility of incorporation of barrier-free services and ease of access features should be determined via all the pursuing conditions: a). When the fix or renovation work will be done in the space where the principal function can be served; b). When the facilities can be made accessible at any additional level which is accessible through an escalator with a lowest width of 800...


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