Name: Jazz Lendle P. Dy Date: October 15, 2014 Year and Section: 1-15 Professor: Doctor Evangeline Matn

Film Review (Bayaning Third World)

Guide Questions:

1 ) On Heroes

What are your ideas regarding a " hero”? Who is a hero? Precisely what are his/her attributes that make them a hero?

In my individual point of view, I will say that you happen to be a leading man if he's a self-less one, willing to risk his own lifestyle for the sake of other folks. A person who is definitely helping others with a the case spirit of helping.

Why do you think the film needs to re-investigate Dr . Jose Rizal's " heroism”? What are the filmmakers in the filmy planning to tell us?

I do believe the reason why the film needs to re-investigate Doctor Jose Rizal's heroism is due to many controversies and adverse talks about him. The filmmakers are trying to show that possibly them are puzzled on how present Rizal's gallantry and that background is not that genuine, that it is somehow modified must be lot of interviews contradict one another, as demonstrated in the film " Bayaning Third World”. There is a great uncertainty when it comes to being selected with the fact and with the specific details of background.

Have got your thoughts on Rizal as a hero changed after watching the film? If you do, tell us in what ways? If not, can you give us the reasons?

Simply no, but it adds my hesitation about each of our history. Since the investigation with the film regarding Rizal's lifestyle seemed to be doubtful and there are distinct versions from the events and controversies that involved Rizal like in the " Retractacion”. Did Rizal really expire catholic? Or perhaps is it the priests that did that? As long as nothing is particular and almost most is speculations, the truth is going to still cover, that is the reason why my opinions on Rizal as a main character didn't change.

installment payments on your On Record

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