Jessica SalazarSalazar1

Mrs. Gurtin

English language 1B

03 20, 2013

Lunch should be longer

Many people have trouble receiving lunch promptly. The lines are too extended and take forever. We end up waiting in line for ten minutes and finish up shoving people to get to the font from the line and so we can have enough time to take in our lunch time. Lunch by Century Secondary school is 24 minutes long; however lunch break is too brief and should become forty five mins long. Is too long and so that's why we have to have an extended lunch thus we can end up being focused in the lecture. If classes were short and we had a longer lunchtime, we could stay focused throughout our other classes. My first two classes, biology and English, are very long then I have lunch


which is quite short. After all those two classes are over I am very tired and need a longer lunch. For those reasons I think the principal should change the plan so we can have a longer lunch. By the time you get involved line and get your lunch you only have got approximately quarter-hour to eat. The lunch durations should be for a longer time because whenever we have an extended period to eat it can allow all of us to eat reduced and which can be healthier. It is crucial for lunch to be longer because we could take our time to consume so all of us won't obtain a stomach discomfort. After lunch time I noticed that I receive stomach pains for the rest of my classes. To conclude fifteen minutes to scarf add our meals is too brief. Finally some people could use forty five minutes to do homework. Persons eat their lunch to see if they have enough time for their homework. Others just use those 45 minutes in order to hang out with friends. A lot of people just use the extra time to accomplish things they have to do. Towards the end a lot of people would use the extra time for you to


do homework, go out with friends and or request their teachers on what they have skipped. In conclusion, if our lunchtime would be forty five instead of twenty four minutes, classes...


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