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Studying Response Newspaper " Young boys Don't Cry”

SOCL 3600 Gender and Power

Doctor Agnes Riedmann

The film, Boys Don't Cry, is based on a true history and raises numerous real-world issues in its story of a murder case in Midsection America in which the victim was obviously a girl who have successfully passed herself off as a boy. Brandon Teena depicts living and fatality of a small woman who have believed that she must have been given birth to a man. Teena concealed her female sexuality and effectively convinced just about everyone she understood that the girl was really a male, while living in a small town in Nebraska. At first, as I was watching film production company, I was baffled as to why Teena wanted to dress at like a man and become called Brandon. I thought that maybe she was merely lesbian and this she didn't like dress up like a woman and desired more of the manly look. However I noticed that she was just having issues with not really feeling correct being a girl. She believed that the girl was stuck inside the incorrect body. That's why she planned to dress up as a male, and later on actually be able to get the procedure that would generate her a guy physically. However Teena's actual identity is discovered, because she was raped, beaten and ultimately killed simply by some good outdated boys who had been threatened by Tenna's eclectic gender. To ensure me to better understand this film I need to understand what gender intended to me. For me Gender means a class among masculine and female while sexuality means the capability for intimate feelings. Teena Brandon had gone through wonderful lengths to hide her intimate orientation because of what culture today will and does not recognize in man behavior. I believe like Teena Brandon and lots of people who reveal her thoughts do cover or make an effort to become another person for anxiety about being falsely accused of flaunting, being verbally abused, or physically bitten as was Teena Brandon when her secret identification had been revealed. It is quite hard for a person who is lgbt to live a life of acceptance in society...


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