I believe the poem the listening post by Ruben kent is about a man who has lost almost all emotion, which is now numbing to his surroundings- " cold bone fragments, numbed brain". The producing doesn't consist of any similies but I think it has associated with an effect becoming said directly out. In the poem he is writing of a man who blackened sockets now replace where optimistic eyes used to lay. His fingers will be " frozen and get bigger through the gloves, cradeled weapon held with love". His hands are cold and tired through the weather and holding that weapon in case is all he knows, its like a a habit to him and this individual has grown tired of the repeating.. He tries to hold onto the happy recollections but they are turning out to be nothing even more but boring faded pictures in the back of his mind., when e wonders " will it ever end' will there ever be peace and no violence once again.? The way it is written gives a disappointing mood to it but still hopeful?

The poem eye in the storm simply by john kent has to some degree of a calm tone that its informed in, and sets the mood of your naГЇve, although hopeful one who is wishing for the best yet knows it is not yet in this article. " intently I pay attention and the night time tell me certainly I i am quiet and I am soft". This shows that the night may be the only period there is really " peace' if you can even call it up that. It is like a relaxed before the thunderstorm or the vision of the tornado. You know the damage is approaching but you can hardly hear it and may barely find it. Its past an acceptable limit off inside the distance. Nevertheless, you know its there. It warns him don't move off and believe anything is ok, " it will eventually kill you when you sleep" don't be too relying for its simply an optical illusion. Its certainly not over, not yet.


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