CHEM 2213

Lab twenty-five

Title: The Detection of Fats, Aminoacids, and Carbohydrate in Foods Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to conduct several general tests that really help in figuring out fats, necessary protein, and carbs in foodstuff. Procedure:

Part A- Testing for Uncovering Carbohydrates

From this part you will conduct the molisch, benedict, and iodine tests. Purple in the molisch test shows a positive evaluation. Benedicts test out will result in a brick red/brown color for any positive check. For the iodine tests, a green, red, or perhaps violet color indicates an optimistic test. Part B- Test for Finding Fats: The Grease Place Test

Conduct the grease spot evaluation, which will help to detect body fat. Part C- Test pertaining to Detecting Proteins

In this component we conduct the xanthoprotic, biuret, and ninhydrin check. A yellow color can be positive intended for the xanthoprotic test, and tyrosine will offer a positive effect. For the biuret evaluation, a magenta color can be described as positive test. The ninhydrin test will give a positive effect for glycine. Part D Testing Food

Perform the grease area test for the substance following filtering it. Now carry out all six tests which were performed in the last parts. Component E- Screening Milk

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