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The scenario for this daily news states that John is an employee in a private sector organization and he desires to file a discrimination grievance against his employer. The goal of this paper is to evaluate and make clear in detail what the legal procedure is for filing such grievance. The newspaper will also describe the part which the courts play in these types of issues. Every circumstance is different therefore the paper can explain how these laws and regulations potentially apply to John. Steve has decided to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. However , John is not sure how or what needs to be done in order to try this so he or she must first do some research. The Equal Work Opportunity Percentage (EEOC) is designed to protect workers like John from splendour violations. The laws against discrimination at the office include contest, color, religious beliefs, sex, national origin, age group, and handicap (Bennett & Anderson, 2007). All these laws and regulations are forced by the EEOC. The law declares that when a person believes that they are a victim of discrimination they have to first data file a issue through the EEOC before submitting a court action against the company (EEOC, 2013). John provides several techniques he can trigger the process of processing his issue he can want to file face-to-face at a nearest position or they can file through mail. He will probably need to divulge some details in writing just like his name, contact number, employer's name, address, and a brief nevertheless detailed overview of the violation/s with date ranges and places. All these everything is very important because the EEOC can easily determine regardless of whether an investigation is required. According to the EEOC John has 180 times to file a complaint but if in his express there are virtually any laws against discrimination it can extended to 300 days and nights to file a complaint. It is also important to understand that in some cases you will discover state and native laws that prohibit splendour in the place of work so the EEOC will automatically file the...

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