REYES, Jordan A. Educ 2: Cultural Dimension

BSCS - 4Prof. Fernandez

I actually. Objectives:

At the end of the lessons, the students must be able to:

a. Specify what is The positive effect and its Influence on Education m. Observe the impact of the positive effect on Education

c. Develop of being worldwide competitive

2. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Globalization and its Effect on Education

m. Instructional Supplies: LCD Projected and a laptop c. References: Vergel, Violeta A., et approach. Social Measurements of Education. Lorimar Posting, Inc., 2009. III. Treatment:

d. Inspiration: Crossword Challenge or Problem

e. Business presentation:

The instructor will show a poster about globalization and let the students notice it. n. Discussion:

The teacher can discuss the subsequent points:

1 ) Content of Education

a. Curriculum Up-graduation

b. Output Orientation

2 . The Fall Out of Globalization

c. Internationalization of education

d. Finance-related issues

elizabeth. Privatization of secondary and higher education g. Generalization:

The scholars will be mentioned what they have learned from the lesson discussed. IV. Evaluation

a few. What are the reforms required in Education?

4. Relating to on the reconstructs in the content material of education. What are this individual needs to be performed? 5. So what do you mean about WTO?

6. What do you indicate about GATS

7. Recognize the fall out of education.

V. Task

8. Discuss and explain the positive effect and education from the perspective of issue and opinion theorists. 9. As a college student how can you help our world to update our curriculum to be a a part of Globalization? 12. What are the actions of the school/ college or university to be competitive in globalization? 11. Define ICT.

Sources: Vega, Violeta A., et al. Social Dimensions of Education. Lorimar Publishing, Incorporation., 2009.


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