Explain just how technological advances have helped organisations produce products/services suitable to consumers needs and how they were in a position to communicate effectively with their customers.

One of the most dramatic causes shaping peoples' lives can be technology. The pace of technological difference in the world can be accelerating. New technologies emerge virtually every day, and many of those make goods based on old technologies outdated, almost over night. Marketers should be able to track impending technological changes and have themselves just how these changes will effects its marketing activities. Various firms encountered serious trouble because they failed to track technological transform and weren't able to conform when fresh technologies insecure their living. Advances in technology including e-mail, cellular phones, and the Net have made international marketing cheaper and convenient. Companies can easily operate a powerful information and sales channel with increased geographical reach to inform and promote their businesses and products. Simply by establishing a number of web sites, an organization can list its products and services, its history and additional information of interest to visitors. As opposed to the advertisings and brochures of the earlier, the internet allows them to send an almost unlimited amount of information. Furthermore, since the Internet is usually worldwide, people from around the globe can purchase company and place orders. auction web sites Inc is a USA primarily based company proudly owning eBay. com, an online public sale and searching website through which people and businesses sell and buy goods and services throughout the world. In addition to its initial U. S. website, auction web sites has established localized websites in thirty other countries. eBay Inc as well owns Paypal, Skype and other businesses. Rapidly when compared with13623 few years, technological advances helped eBay to travel from tiny dot. com company to just one of the biggest businesses on the globe. It is an auction firm that never sleeps, exactly where anyone can be a buyer or maybe a...


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