Marigolds Short Story Handout



Lizabeth reflects on years as a child, with flashback how through the summer the lady transitioned by child to woman the lady describes her hometown

Points out how throughout the summer the lady transitioned via child to women Middle-

Reader is introduced to Liz

14 years old, seen as head of children due to age

Manchester other children into Miss Lottie's yard and starts to throw rocks at Marigolds. later in the evening she begins to regret what she has done.


The girl hears her father sobbing about how this individual lost his job.

Becomes angry and runs to be able to Miss Lottie's yard.

She then destroys all of her Marigolds out of envy and anger. Miss Lottie sees her doing this and Liz realizes what she gets just completed. This is where Liz transactions from a girl into a woman when ever she perceives Miss Lottie.


The storyplot is about a female who a single night, within a fit of rage, destroys her the next door neighbor's (Miss Lottie) marigolds. Discovering her neighbors in soreness she feels compassion toward her and understands she has full grown and left childhood. The theme of the storyplot is a very well-thought out and powerful idea, however the pacing of the tale is certainly not rather gradual.

The Author

Eugenia Collier came to be in 1928

best-known as the author of the 1969 award-winning short tale " Marigolds” She introduced other brief stories and plays just like " Fairly sweet Potato Pie” and the play " Ricky”, before retiring in 1996

Character discussion-


Lizbeth is a 16 year old lady. She is growing up in the depression, within an impoverished as well as town. The girl with adventurous and wild, but at the same time, mild and qualified. She is on the stage, when a girl changes to a woman, and throughout this story, we come across the enhancements made on her. Joey:

Joey is definitely Lizbeth's youthful brother. He could be also very crazy and attempts to act alot older than he really is. He a lso tries to become braver than he is and that tends to spring back, because he often has to rely on Lizbeth to get help and...


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