Marketing Research of Watsons

Market Segmentation and Location

Watsons in Singapore ranges health & beauty restaurants, perfumeries & cosmetics, grocery, pharmacy, wines and duty-free. Watson's target customers are located in the spending power (two thousand and five more in month-to-month income) to simply accept new things nevertheless also the center class (age 18-40 years). Watson inside the research discovered that Oriental women will use more time to visit shopping, plus they are willing to commit a lot of time to find cheaper or better items. Watson's view that woman consumer of the age is among the most challenging spirit. They want to use the finest products and search for new experiences, fashion, willing to show themselves in front of good friends. They are even more willing to utilize the money to create big improvements for their willingness to carry out numerous new endeavors. The reason they are more concerned regarding consumers within the age of 45 is for a longer time because of their age most women already have their own manufacturer and lifestyle of the set.

In this cozy shopping environment, Watsons present customers which has a variety of items. According to the diverse benefits the consumers seek out from the goods.

Watson contains a strong team of health advisers, which includes full-time pharmacists and " health and energy Ambassador": professional teams are subject to specialist training, presented free of charge can be to maintain a healthy living suggestions and recommendations. Watson isn't only concerned someone buy of goods, even more thoughtful and meticulous awareness of customer care, and full of his " personal care" assistance shop features. It positions its products to offer at affordable prices which can be comparable with this of the other main shop.

In an affluent world, men and women of all ages are interested in a comfortable shopping environment. They desire in a great social image of shop to get their want. Watsons, the largest health and natural beauty retailer on the globe can fulfill the...


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