Maths Project

Course 9

PROJECT WORK: Creative Mathematics Project Ideas

General Guidelines:

* Every single student is required to make a handwritten task report in line with the project designated Please note down your project amount according to your Roll Quantity. Roll Number| Project Number

1-5| 1

6-10| 2

11-15| 3

16-20| 5

21-25| five

26-30| one particular

31-35| 2

36-40| several

41-45| four

46-50| five

* Task management has a certain starting day and an end date. 2. It has particular objectives.

* List the sources of the data collected.

5. General lay-out of the job report has the following format ferws

Site Number| Content

Cover Page| Your Name, Category, Roll No ., Title of project| 1| Table of contents – Page titles

2| Brief explanation of task. How will you proceed?

3-10 (may change)| Procedure (With pictures)

11| Mathematics used /involved

12| Conclusion /Result

13| List of resources (List of encyclopedia, websites, guide books, magazines etc)| 14| Acknowledgment

Projects| Objectives| Explanation

Proiect-1| Exploring Fibonacci numbers. | 1 . Fibonacci numbers certainly are a sequence of numbers we. e. 1, 1, a couple of, 3, a few, 8, 13, 21, thirty four …. The first quantity of the collection is you, the second amount is one particular, and next term is comparable to the amount of the previous two amounts of the series itself. 2 .  Write down thier next 20 terms of the series generated

by it. 3. В History of the

mathematician who have gave

idea. 4. В Explore in mother nature the

points that correspond to

Fibonacci numbers with

photos. For example: When ever counting the quantity of petals of the flower, it isВ pВ most potential that They will correspond to one of the Fibonacci Numbers. It can be seen that: a) White calla lily has one patel. b) Euphorbia have two patelc) Trillium include three petalsd) Columbine have 5 petalsExplore more such examples with pictures from online. (give atleast 8 examples)| Project-2| Checking out Pascal Triangle| (take...


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