The poem, " Monologue for a great Onion” written by Sue Betty, the onion is a metaphor and is the complete poem is written about it and centered off of this. The basic key viewpoint in the poem is approximately the feelings and thoughts that onion encounters when staying handle by person or more specifically when it is being cut. The poem revolves around the whole idea of how a onion feels and considers as the individual cuts away at this and how this reflects on the actions from the person as well as the person themselves. Sue Kim's poem is additionally very appealing to those that are new to poetry because of its unusual subject material and accessibility. The poem can be analyzed from many different viewpoints, such as the person or the red onion itself.

The onion starts the full poem away by showing the person, who will be peeling apart layer simply by layer of its body system away, which it does not mean to help make the person cry. What this means is that the onion is not purposely causing anyone to cry, despite the fact that anyone is damaging the red onion. The onion then procedes describing the scene currently happening, meaning the scene with the person harming the red onion by damaged away the various layers of drag, as it cell phone calls it. Anyone is then knowledgeable of the actual truly seek out, which is the onion's center. The author, Kim, means for this to be irony because of the fact that the onion really means that anybody is seeking their own cardiovascular system, rather than the onion's. Looking further into the poem, it is obvious that the person lacks a middle, which is the reason as to why the individual strives to get the onion's middle even though they cannot realize that. The red onion also tells the person of what their very own heart presently is by saying, " Including your inmost circle, what? A main that is /Not one. Poor fool, you are divided at the heart, /Lost in its web of sections, blood, and love. ” (Kim 1) The onion essentially states that the person's hearts is not one, meaning that they are divided and split in many aspects and that they are...

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