Music Appreciation 205

Notes (1st Set)

From the Syllabus

Training course Content:

Summarize for the Elements of Music (from your textbook):

1 . Melody (The Tune): The main idea in a piece of music. Melody may be the single distinctive line of notes heard in sequence as a coherent unit. A melody has a shape upgrading or down in ways that capture and hold each of our attention on the span of your energy. A tune is like a tale: it has a beginning, middle, and an end.

2 . Rhythm (The Time): The corporation of beats or signal in time. Beat is the purchasing of music through period. Not all music has a tune, but most music offers rhythm. Another container solo, for instance , makes it is effect mainly through rhythm. Rhythm can operate on a large number of levels, by a recurring, underlying heart beat or beat to speedily changing habits of much longer and short periods.

several. Harmony (Supporting the Melody): The chords or pitch that are seemed simultaneously. A harmonious relationship is the appear created simply by multiple noises playing or perhaps singing with each other. Harmony enhances the melody by setting up a fuller appear than could be produced by just one voice.

5. Texture (Thick and Thin): The basic cloth of a bit of music composed of various factors used by the composer. Consistency is based on the phone number and general relationship of musical lines or noises. Every work of music has a consistency from thicker: (many voices) to skinny (a single voice). At times one line or voice is far more important; at other times all the lines or voices are of equal importance.

5. Timbre (The Color of Music): The characteristic of musical appears. The same tune sounds completely different when performed by a violin, a clarinet, a guitar, or a human voice. These kinds of sources can all create the same pitch, but what the actual same tune sound different is the marque of each 1.

6. Mechanics (Loud to Soft): The degrees of amount. The same music can be performed at many examples of volume, from very gentle to incredibly loud. Dynamics determine the quantity of a provided work or perhaps...


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