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Health and fitness Hotel Advancement Plan

Wellness Hotel Expansion Plan

The project is oriented upon real knowledge, so it's preferable to write this assignment about real thing. It is hostel of my pal and a conclusion to write about this came after i arrived right now there at the second time. Really obvious that rural travel and leisure will be way forward for the wellness hotels creation. People need to re-feel all their connection with nature, to re-believe in the benefits of nature and in God's appreciate.

So , this kind of development strategy is for actual place. Hostel named Naarismaa is located 21 kilometer close to Parnu, on the path to Riga. It is very convenient location, directly on Via Handmade highway. Nearest airports will be in Riga (170 km) and in Tallinn (150 km). Nearest big cities will be Parnu (20 km) and Tartu (164 km). Local seaport is definitely Parnu area. As you can see, it is rather easy to reach this place.

| | |Picture 1 ) Old rock house

Overview of place

Naarismaa talu consists of 4 buildings. The first one (on the picture 1) is really old. It was built in the beginning of XX century. Here, in this house, electrical sauna can be found now.

Second building (pic. 2) may be the wooden spa house. Its initial creation in traditional estonian design. Sauna is heated by simply wood, and it is looking extremely distinctive.

| | |Picture 2 . Solid wood sauna property

Third building (pic. 3) is the main building, there are living rooms, home and dining area.

Forth building (pic. 4) is the place, where owner is living, also bigger part of this kind of house can be described as small museum of local culture.

Expansion plan.

Structures and design specifications

The primary idea of structure and place reconstruction is to preserve rural strength of this place, but produce it more comfortable and appropriate for wellness friends. If it could possible, all of us will save location and all older buildings, however may be, modify their usage. I would recommend to build several little living habitacle deeper inside the forest, mainly because now it is hostel, so we have to change many things to make place more attractive to get Inner decor would be in rural nevertheless luxurious design. It's possible to make use of renovated showpieces from art gallery in design.

Building you: There will be reception and stockroom. Initially it was a warehouse, and the primary feature on this house was your ability to keep low temperature during summer with no technical products. Building installment payments on your There will be SPA-center. Wouldn't it be nice to save old traditional sauna, just refurbish it. Naturally , we is going to enlarge and renovate that building inside, but very important to adhere to the chosen way and save rural type of all intricate. Building three or more. The biggest residence in that sophisticated, it will be apartments' place. It will be easy to organize 7-8 separate entrances, so wellness guests ought to be fill themselves comfortable and happy; dining area will be presently there too. Building 4. Good place for staff and kitchen. And, naturally , it is very important to save small museum, but we must understand how to plan it in the right way.

Energy-saving techniques for waste, drinking water and electricity.

That region isn't extremely sunny, although really windy, so it's possible to buy handful of wind turbines to get strength from blowing wind. Also we all will use geothermal heat sends to high temperature buildings during winter time.



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