1 . Collection in windows 7 precisely what is under presently there? my papers, pictures, music, videos. 2 . What is utilized to run command word lines in windows six. powershell three or more. which models of house windows 7 can be added to a domain? home beginner basic and premium can not be added. four. what substituted the MS Dos boot disk? hint… pre installation environment Home windows PE a few. a ______ is a series of folders. Account

6. what do you use to ascertain if your machine can be enhanced? Windows Update Advisor. 7. what is the default zone style found in Windows several? Master Footwear Record almost eight. maximum number of primary partitioning that the MBR can support? 5 9. RAID…. Striped

twelve.??? NTFS

10.??? Physical

12. Which layer of OSI is IPv4? Networking

13. what is used to specify the bits of an IP address will be network and host. Subnet Mask 14. answer is usually APIPA: Programmed Private Internet protocol address

15. technique of verifying the identity. Authentication.

16. allows users to do specific responsibilities? User rights.

17. what is a collection of personal computers that are almost all peers? Work group. 18. local account is the solution.

19. profile that is placed on the network, changes may not be saved. Mandatory User Profile. twenty. answer is definitely Brute Power

twenty one. used to make sure that you don't reuse the same pass word when changing the password? Implement Password History 22. precisely what is the credit card like unit, contains a chip… Key card 23. what is used to encrypt files when using EFS? digital certificate twenty four. which gaming console can be customized to include any kind of snap in? MMC? twenty-five. requires invitations to use? distant assistance

26. what slot does distant assistance and desktop employ? 3389

27. what pieces displays the boot menu and a lot the nucleus? Windows Footwear Manager, Home windows Boot Loader 28. permits you to enable or perhaps disable applications during start-up? System Construction Tool twenty nine. reverses most changes? Last Known Great Configuration.

35. which characteristic in six and Hardware 2008R2 enables networks...


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