1 . The book My spouse and i selected was Myrer, Anton. Once a great Eagle. New york city: HarperPerennial, 2002. Myrer enrolled in the U. S. Sea Corps and participated in the breach of Guam where he was wounded and later discharged. Oddly enough, he was delivered in Worcester, Massachusetts, not far from For Devens. This book has been described by some as an anti-war novel. Presented the experiences from the author, you will discover understandably a large number of real and graphic points of the associated with war on the Soldier, mentally and physically. As the Foreword with the book explained, " no person who has knowledgeable combat directly, or even vicariously, would seek that. ”

The opposing character traits of Sam Damon and Courtney Massengale can be found within similar person in the current military. There is a distinction being made between military service during moments of war and military assistance as a career. When 1 makes the military a career, 1 must be aware of and take care to attend to profession progression. There are times when taking care of their career, at least administratively, is necessary. Of course we all have heard, nobody cares about your career like you do. The trouble comes up when taking care of one's job becomes the priority. When a Soldier pursues the quest as would Damon, their career advancement will essentially happen itself, i. at the. do what you're supposed to do and do that the best you are able to. There are pitfalls and inescapable life situations that we most face, just as Damon did, but with a resilient frame of mind and procedure life is manageable, even when in crisis.

2 . Three key takeaways in the book will be as follows:

a. Sam Damon is, for the most part, the official all other officers should aspire to be. This individual entered the service since an enrolled Soldier, unwilling to wait for his slot in West Stage. This beginning alone is known as a significant indicator of this Soldier's character and inherent characteristics that would assist in his...


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